Welcome to a Thriving Community for Short-Term Rental Homeowners Investors Professionals

Welcome to a Thriving Community of Short-Term Rental Homeowners

The Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners (ASTRHO) is a free to join, not-for-profit professional network for all short-term and vacation rental homeowners. We’ve built this community so that we can solve problems, make homeownership easier and more profitable, strengthen our collective knowledge, and support the safe, legal, and successful advancement of the short-term and vacation rental segment within the overall lodging industry.

The Association of Short-term Rental Homeowners is built to bring short-term rental homeowners together to collaborate in new and better ways, learn from marketing and business experts in the vacation rental space, and to provide perks and benefits that are important to you, the homeowner.

Aspire to Own. Self-Manage. Hire a Property Manager.  Whether you’re buying a home, currently self-manage, or you’re hiring a property manager, the Association for Short-term Rental Homeowners is your community.  This is a platform for you and your issues and interests.

We Are Not.  We’re not for property or lodging management companies or long-term rentals.

We collaborate with other Associations within the Short-Term Rental space who do offer support for those communities.

We Bring Resources, Education and a Community together to Master Vacation Rental Home Ownership

Join us for FREE today and get access to a protected community, live courses, and a network of peers. For less than $10 a month, you can take full advantage of our Premier Hosts group which includes additional resources to help your business thrive. As a not-for-profit, this revenue pays for ASTRHO’s basic resources and technology solutions, and supports the creation of industry foundations to help you, the homeowner.

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