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Take full advantage of all ASTRHO member benefits including education courses lead by industry and homeowner experts.  Learn about vacation rental technology, revenue management and how to price your rental, and investment strategy and financial tools to help your business succeed.

We have one week power courses and are in the process of developing longer 4 week Masterclasses for a deeper dive into topics to elevate your level of expertise.


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Course Offerings


How to market Your Vacation Rental

Learn to drive bookings through listings that stand out, creating visual stories, building your own website, driving repeat guests and more. 

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Investment strategy and financial tools

You'll learn how to select an investment property and what data to review, questions to consider when deciding how to market and operate, and questions to ask about financing and selecting a real estate agent.

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How to Price and revenue management

Learn basic pricing and revenue management definitions, strategies for optimizing revenue, and technology options to help you find efficiencies. We'll also introduce you to a price value exercise to help you get your market positioning right.

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Vacation Rental Technology Toolbox

We'll walk through all the areas of marketing and operations and a review of vendors and service providers available.

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1-Week Vacation Rental Power course timeline and course structure:

  • Day 1:
    Course kick-off includes 1-hour live class with instructors.

  • Day 2 - 4:
    Get additional course materials including checklists, mini-video tutorials and guides. The recorded live class and first day's materials will be posted so classmates can discuss and ask questions in the virtual classroom environment.

  • Day 4 - 5:
    An Expert Q+A session will be held where additional industry experts and leaders will be brought in to share their insights and open up the floor to you to ask them questions in real time.

  • Day 6 - 7:
    An office hours session will be held - this is another support session with instructors, experts and course attendees in an open and casual forum.

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