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ASTRHO Member Benefits

ASTRHO has three different membership options. With all of our membership tiers, you get access to a protected community, member meetups, educational content, and a network of peers. Upgrade your membership for access to amazing home goods discounts, educational courses led by industry professionals, and more! The community platform is a safe space for discussion and collaboration and a professional forum for developing new ideas and solving problems.

ASTRHO Members Get Access To


Connect with other homeowners and short-term rental investors to share insights and knowledge. Our corporate sponsors and members are also members of the community, so feel free to collaborate and ask questions with industry service providers.

Educational Resources

Access educational resources and articles to help you expertly manage your rental. All of our content is organized by category so you can easily find what you're looking for.

Online Learning Courses

Join industry experts and thought leaders selected to lead our educational courses held multiple times per year. From revenue management to investment strategy, we have it covered.

Webinars & Virtual Demos

Join webinars with panels of industry experts as they discuss important topics or hop on product demos with leading service providers.

NEW ASTRHO Membership Options

For $160 annually, gain access to an amazing selection of member perks and benefits that far exceed the cost of your membership thanks to our brand-new partnership with HostGPO!

Free Basic Membership
$ 0 Forever
  • Community Access
  • Articles & Educational Content
  • Monthly Member Meet-ups
Individual Courses
$ 60 Per Course
  • Community Access
  • Articles & Educational Content
  • Monthly Member Meet-ups
  • A La Carte Courses for $60 Each
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Premier Host Membership
$ 160 Annual
  • Community Access
  • Articles & Educational Content
  • Monthly Member Meet-ups
  • All Courses Included!
  • Includes Membership to HostGPO for Discounts Up to 30% on Brands Like Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm & More
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