Who is ASTRHO?

We are travel-loving and passionate lodging industry experts.  Our background includes short-term and vacation rentals, hotels and resorts, and lodging and travel associations.  We bring different business expertise too –  including technology, marketing, operations,  finance, and of course, homeownership.  Like you, we believe that short-term rental homeowners have an ever growing and evolving role to play in the lodging industry.

The Problem That We Wanted to Solve

Because your role in the lodging industry is expanding in amazing ways, there is a lot of information available online and via social networks and it’s been difficult to cut through the clutter to find accurate, and reliable resources.  Corporate service and solution providers have tried to help solve this problem for homeowners, but other stakeholders in the lodging industry have impartial professional societies and trade associations that serve their needs.  Homeowners have been missing this type of neutral platform.

How We Found The Answer

We talked to many homeowners and researched how other groups within the lodging industry collaborate, grow, and solve problems. It became clear, homeowners needed their own community. The only way for us to truly achieve an impartial position and serve the needs of homeowners was by bringing to life a not-for-profit platform.

It Takes A Village

We couldn’t have launched ASTRHO without help from other associations in the industry, universities, and the many corporate partners and professionals who offered guidance along the way.  We are very grateful to our contributors, but without you, we are not ASTRHO

ASTRHO’s Founding Members

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