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Answering All of Your Questions About ASTRHO

ASTRHO is a new not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organization for short-term rental education and community. Our charter is to develop the most up-to-date educational programs, materials, and talent necessary to help you thrive, even in the most challenging times for our industry. Much of our learning materials, articles, and newsletters are open and free within the ASTRHO website, but there is a fee for membership to the community platform. For $10 a month or $100 per year, you get access to a protected community, with free access to e-courses, community experts, vacation rental services, perks, and benefits, and your peers. The community platform is a safe space for discussion and collaboration and a professional forum for developing concepts and ideas.

ASTRHO was founded by homeowners and industry experts with years of professional experience and education in vacation rentals, hotel, travel, and tourism.  See our bios here. Whether you’re new to the vacation rental business, or already a pro, ASTRHO helps homeowners navigate the legal, financial, and operational landscape with accurate, transparent educational materials, and access to expertise and community support. 

We aim to be a truly unbiased resource for learning, and a platform for healthy discussion and advice from owners, vendors, and service providers alike. Our goal is to bring the community together to ensure the highest standards in management and guest experiences, so you can achieve financial success, easily, legally, and safely. Professional property managers have the VRMA and now professional property owners have ASTRHO. (Crowd applause!) There’s no other organization like ASTRHO.

A whole lot of value, all in one platform. The community platform is a kick-starter for your new adventure and a professional guiding light for entrepreneurs already in the business. Your monthly or annual membership gives you access to: 

  • monthly webinars
  • free e-courses
  • local chat groups
  • special interest groups like LGBTQ or regulatory advocacy
  • discounts or deals on home supplies and services
  • the eligibility to participate on committees or the Board

You get complete access to the community platform where you can ask an expert a question, start a discussion with your peers, or form a group around a specific topic. Plus you’ll be able to take advantage of the webinars and e-courses.

ASTRHO is a dedicated community hub for short-term rental owners. Topics and discussions are organized in easy-to-find ways, or by peer group and industry experts. Whether you’re dealing with a large or small issue, or have a personal or global question, you’ll find the right group to join, and the right people to answer your question and help you find solutions.  Also, each geographical region will have a “resident expert” for specific regional discussions. We also offer Member Discounts and Perks to Industry Service Providers, webinars, and e-learning courses.  The ASTRHO community platform is a comprehensive springboard for vacation rental communication and we all love what we do.

Of course! This is the best time to join an association like ASTRHO. You’ll get expert education and information right from the start so you’ll be set up for success from the beginning of your venture. Best of all, you’ll have the support of experienced peers and experts in your geographical market, so you get advice and insider knowledge that’s most relevant to you.

It most definitely is. You’ll have access to the best thinking we can find to improve your homestays, increase revenue, and survive challenging times. This includes free webinars and e-courses. Most importantly, your own experience with short-term renting is the foundation for the hive-mind. Share your thoughts and ideas. Become the go-to expert in your geographical area. ASTRHO is all about collaboration and finding solutions. Think of us as an incubator for inspiration and innovation.

The Association of Short Term Rental Home Owners is for short-term rental homeowners whether you self-manage your vacation home(s), aspire to buy a short-term rental, or you’re a homeowner who uses a property management service. ASTRHO is not for property managers. If you’re a property management company that markets and operates other people’s homes and you’re looking for a professional organization to join, we highly recommend you to another respected organization in our space, the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA). Our goal is to work alongside VRMA in our joint mission to advance the short-term and vacation rental industry.

ASTRHO Educational Benefits

The very latest in educational materials and industry thinking related to vacation rental success. Your newsletters will be your primary source of information for unbiased education and your insight into any new guides, e-courses, and articles that have been published on our site.

ASTRHO’s online courses are designed by industry academics and professionals to provide an in-depth dive into vacation rental business and management. We know you’re serious about your business and hospitality standards. These courses support your drive to be the best.

All our 1-week power courses and webinars are free with your ASTHRO membership.  For our masterclasses, from time to time we may charge an additional fee.

Yes, knowing the regulations in your area is critical to your success, so we keep you up-to-date with resources here. If you have any questions after reading, become a member of the community platform to start a discussion with a regulations expert or other members in your area.

Yes, there’s a lot to learn and it’s best taught by experts! Get the answers to questions like who’s responsible for city taxes or how short-term rental income affects your income taxes by visiting our library of resources here. Or become a member and start a discussion with a regulations expert or other members in your area.

Yes, we have several unbiased articles on which listings sites are available for bookings, including how much each website costs and what to consider when making your choice, here. Have questions about which sites work best in your area? Sign up to become a member and get access to other homeowners.

We sure can. ASTRHO has educational guides on revenue management, tools for pricing, spreadsheets for tracking expenses, and a whole lot more. If you’ve been wondering about the best time to raise or drop your daily rate, or where to cut expenses or move your dollars, don’t waste time wandering around the internet. You can find and download the resources here.

ASTRHO offers neutral advice and unbiased options on home insurance for short-term rentals. Become an ASTRHO member to find vendors or groups discussing your issue or concern.

Yes, based on our experience and expertise, we’ve gathered the most useful guides, checklists, and spreadsheets needed for efficient management. You can download these for free from our website. You don’t have to be a member to take advantage of these helpful resources, but if you’d like to find out which resources work best and what your peers think, become a member here.

ASTRHO Member Perks and Benefits

All of our members have access to a growing list of member perks and benefits (in addition to all of the educational resources we provide, which you can find here.  The instructions on how to redeem these benefits are all housed within our member community which can only be accessed after you signup.

We are a member-driven community and have all kinds of individuals and organizations supporting our efforts because they believe that education, awareness and community discussion is the best way forward for the short-term rental industry.  Sponsors embrace the vision of ASTRHO and want to provide social and financial support, so we can continue reaching new users who will benefit from the custom community, content and learning opportunities.  In keeping with our mission to maintain neutrality, Sponsors don’t receive substantial gain from ASTRHO in exchange for sponsorship.  However, by supporting ASTRHO, they are demonstrating their commitment to the STR industry, its credibility and continued viability, which benefits everyone!

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