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We love extras. Extra tacos. Extra time. Extra funny dog memes. Your ASTRHO membership comes with extras, too. Not only does ASTRHO give you access to industry-leading information, experts and resources, it also comes with discounts to products and services. Whether you are looking to save on stuff to help you manage your short-term rental or a discount on a trip to your favorite amusement park, check out our constantly growing list of member perks. Just one more way ASTRHO is looking out for you.

What is HostGPO?

HostGPO - The Buying Group for Hosts™

HostGPO is the first international Group Purchasing Organization (“GPO”) for the short-term rental industry. By harnessing our collective buying power, we give our members access to exclusive deals on furniture, supplies, and services from top retailers and vendors.

Our partnerships have all been specially negotiated by our team, so HostGPO members always get better rates than the standard trade discount or through other wholesale clubs. We also offer products not available anywhere else outside of large hotel chains.

And HostGPO is not just a business–we’re hosts ourselves, and we take pride in increasing the bottom line for our members through deep discounts on everything needed to set up new units, replace damaged items, restock supplies, and maintain the integrity of each property.

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New Rental Unit Solutions to Help You Get Started!

Setting up new units can be a lot of work. We developed our exclusive HostGPO BOXes so you can get everything you need all at once. These special curations have our recommended items and quantities, so you can be the host with the most and the least amount of work.

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