Vacation Rental Revenue Management

To make more money on your Short-Term Rental home, ultimately you have two choices: either charge more or sell more nights.  Revenue management is the  practice of optimizing price and sales volume.  The best revenue management strategy maximizes both price and occupied nights.  Though on the surface you’re looking at two levers, either sell more or price higher, the reality is much more complex. 



What you will Learn In the Revenue Management Course

  • Section I: Metrics and Definitions
    Gain an understanding of key performance metrics, forecasting, and basic revenue management levers.

  • Section II: Pricing Power + How to Execute
    Best practices and "how to" of forecast, optimize, control, monitor. Learn about length of stay, policies, and the sales funnel.

  • Section III: Technology + Market Data
    Understand how technology can enable efficiencies and a level of accuracy to fully optimize revenue for your property. Gain insight to market data tools and pricing tools.

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