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Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners, ASTRHO.ORG, Launches as the First, Industry-Wide Not-for-Profit to Support Education and Professional Development for Short-Term Rental Homeowners

ALEXANDRIA, VA – (September 9, 2020) — Alexandria, VA —

Homeowners seeking to find education and resources related to marketing, operations, or investment help can now easily find it all in one place. ASTRHO.ORG provides eLearning courses, local and regional community discussion boards, relevant news updates, and networking opportunities. serves as an aggregator of the fragmented information, tools, and solutions available to short-term rental homeowners.

“The lodging industry has professional development and trade associations for hotels, resorts, and other segment stakeholders, short-term rental and vacation rental homeowners are now a segment of their own. There are an estimated 10 million short-term rental homeowners globally, and they need a professional community. We’re looking forward to playing a role in the further advancement of this lodging segment” said Heather Richer, ASTRHO Board President, former RedAwning, and Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Executive.

ASTRHO is offering homeowners a free 14-day trial period, and ongoing membership of $10 per month or $100 per year. Members will have the opportunity to participate in specialized topics and groups. ASTRHO will ensure members are informed on legal and regulatory discussions and made aware of how they can get involved. Building give-back programs that support homeowners is a key pillar. Perks of being a member include product and service discounts, free educational courses, and access to industry experts. ASTRHO was founded by a women-led team with formal education and over 50 years of combined career experience in lodging, hospitality, and short-term and vacation rentals.

The association serves every segment of short-term rental homeowners:

  1. Seeking to invest in a short-term rental or vacation home
  2. Self-managing a short-term rental or vacation home
  3. Selecting a property or hospitality management company


“There are three trends to watch. First, approximately 50% of short-term rental homeowners choose to self-manage, and technology advancements will further empower these entrepreneurs and small business owners, making profitability and operational success even easier. Next, we’ll see more branded opportunities. There will be both new entrants and traditional hospitality management companies, like Marriott Homes and Villas, expanding their lodging portfolio by adding homes. Finally, with COVID-19, guest demand is increasing. Whether seeking a place to vacation away from crowds or working remotely and embracing a digital nomad lifestyle, travelers are considering homestays now more than ever before. According to Airdna, year over year for May and June, US vacation rental bookings were up 20%.” Richer concludes.

ASTRHO will host a virtual launch event on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, at 9 am PST. Attendees will get an overview of the community and the organization’s big purpose. ASTRHO will spotlight homeowner members, and introduce supporting industry leaders and experts. The event is open to both members and non-members

To learn more about the launch event or to become a member, visit

To download the ASTRHO logo click here.

To download the fact sheet click here.



ASTRHO is a not-for-profit professional development and education community and was founded specifically for the short-term and vacation rental homeowner. The association’s purpose is to bring together like-minded individuals and companies with a shared interest in offering safe, legal, and successful short-term rentals for owners, guests, and vendors. ASTRHO understands the importance of professional hospitality, innovation, and recognizes this is an ever-evolving space. As a not-for-profit, building give-back programs that support the homeowner is a key pillar of the organization. ASTRHO welcomes existing and aspiring short-term rental homeowners, corporate solution and service providers, and academic experts in hospitality and relevant disciplines.

To learn more, please visit:, follow @theASTRHO on Facebook and Instagram, and LinkedIn at

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